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Ruff Roads is no ordinary dog-grooming service. We offer premium, bundled grooming and cleaning services at competitive pricing. And we’ve developed a system of communication, contact, and care that will have your dog looking better than it ever has before.

Coats so shiny you can almost see your reflection!

More than one dog that needs a good groomin’? No problem!

Here’s How It Works

We’ve made it as simple as can be. And the best part is, if you prefer to establish a re-booking grooming schedule with Ruff Roads, it gets even easier. See below for more information on re-booking schedules.

  • Our mobile grooming unit is 100% self-contained. We require no hookups, no utilities, and no water. We carry all the tools, water, and power we need to do the job right. Ruff Roads vans are equipped with an ultra-quiet Cummins Onan generator, a 100-gallon water tank, and a water heater. They’re also climate-controlled for maximum comfort.
  • Our booking software is user friendly and ready for your business. Book now!
  • You can pay with cash or card.
  • Once you book an appointment, you will receive reminder text messages and emails.
  • We plan our routes and our daily services around geographic locations. This allows for an efficient booking system that runs like clockwork — without having our groomers rush from one job to the next. We plan our routes so that each dog and each human gets the attention they deserve.
  • On the grooming day, we arrive at your specified location at the designated time.
  • All you need to provide is the location and the dog(s)! We do not need to enter your home.
  • We’ll handle your dog with care and patience as we walk them to our state-of-the-art grooming van.
  • Depending on your chosen level of service*, the grooming process usually takes between 90 minutes and two hours. Book now!
  • Once the grooming services are complete, we’ll let you know we’re done!
  • And then we’re off to our next great grooming adventure!

Key Box Services

Ruff Roads offers a Key Box service for our clients who would like us to perform our grooming services while they are away from home. Simply leave your dog in a garage or other secure area, and we’ll retrieve it when we arrive. We prefer to meet and greet with you prior to making this service accessible, so ask us today about next steps!

Grooming Re-Booking Schedule

We recommend a grooming schedule for your dog. Once we know your breed, it’s age, temperament, and daily activities, we can set up a customized grooming schedule for the dog.

  • Typically, a grooming schedule is once every six to 12 weeks.
  • Because we provide one-on-one service, our grooming schedules allow our groomers to get to know your dog. This reduces stress and anxiety for dogs who may be prone to stress and anxiety when around unfamiliar people.
  • All our bundled grooming packages offer premium services using only top-of-the-line, pet-friendly products. We also tailor each and every grooming experience to your specific dog.*

*PLEASE NOTE: The breed of your dog and the condition of its coat will determine overall pricing. Our expert groomers will examine the dog’s coat upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment. If cancellation or reschedule occurs with less than 48 hours of notice, a $50 cancellation fee per pet will apply. If we arrive at the appointment and cannot access your pet, cannot groom your pet, or if you choose not to have one or more of your scheduled pets groomed, you will be responsible for the total cost of services booked. We will wait up to 15 minutes before you are considered a “no show”.  A “no show” will result in the total cost of the appointment. Regular or multiple cancellations will result in your appointment schedule being forfeited. We reserve the right to reschedule appointments due to unforeseen circumstances, and will alert you as soon as possible to any changes.

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